Ehkay Corner Tailors is a globally acclaimed brand due to its international clients. Despite the rise of modern styles, they still manage to maintain many traditional tailoring designs and methods while also incorporating some new patterns.

Each suit is designed to make you comfortable, feel fit, and look sophisticated… even on a budget. Some will surely compare your overall look with the most famous brands if you go with this tailor.

Their products include overcoats, official suits, casual suits, formal wear, clubwear, and shirts. In case you can’t visit the physical store, it’s also convenient to contact your tailor in Singapore online or contact them personally and they’ll go to your place to plan your customisation

Service Highlights

  • Extensive catalogue of fabric swatches and designs
  • Worldwide mail orders
  • Free pickup and delivery

Customer Reviews

Customers gave their compliments on the brilliant tailoring, fabrics, competitive pricing, and excellent customisation of Ehkay Corner Tailors.

Ty Logan recommended their services and wrote this on the company’s official website:

“The tailored suit and shirts arrived about a month ago and all fit perfectly. I’ve had a lot of compliments on the tailored suit, especially from younger folks like my daughters. Thank you again for your quality tailoring.”

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