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Q1. I am new to buying Bespoke custom clothing online. What should I know?

You should know that with years of our vast offline tailoring experience, we have designed a simple ‘Step by Step’ selection process for your online shopping experience. Easy selection process from the Customization and Size Guide to Payment and Delivery options. Rest assured; we are here to guide you should you require any assistance. Click here to get in touch with us.

Q2. Why should I order online?

There is no risk when buying online from Ehkay Corner Tailors Pte. Ltd.

Every order is reviewed with our experienced skilled craftsmen and all anticipated issues are dealt with prior to commencing production.

We have and always will provide the personal touch even on our online bespoke orders.

In circumstances where we are unable to deliver or when desired outcome is not within our scope, we will not undertake the online order.

We take full responsibility of our craftmanship & workmanship to produce the reputable clothing we take pride in –

We guarantee your satisfaction!

Q3. How do I place my first online order – I am overseas?

Visit our online shop here to place your order. Alternatively, click here

to leave us a message – indicate a preferred date and time for your ‘Personalised Virtual Appointment’ and we will arrange to chat with you on your order requirements.

Q4. How do I place my first online order – I am in Singapore?

Visit our online shop here to place your order. At checkout indicate if you would like for your garment to be delivered or if you would like to visit our store to have your measurements taken and we will walk you through the process during that session.

Q5. I have just placed my first online order. How can I be assured my Bespoke online order will fit me?

Thank you for your order! Every online order is followed up with an email or WhatsApp confirmation to reconfirm specifications of your order and for
any clarification we may require prior to commencing your online order. We strive to eradicate any concerns to ensure a good fit and the desired outcome of your bespoke clothing. When your order is ready, we inspect each garment for any quality and fabrication issue before they are dispatched.

Q6. When will my online order be ready?

Our suits are made-to-order and will be ready in approximately 3 – 4 weeks.

Kindly note that during the month of February, November and December, a longer lead time will be required due to the Lunar New Year, Christmas & end of the year festivities/events we cater for. During this period we recommend a comfortable timeframe of 4 – 5 weeks for the entire process.


Q1. How do I re-order online?

If you have ordered from us in the past, the good news is. We Have Your Measurements!

Create and Login to ‘My Account’, customise your order and complete your online purchase.

We will then process your order and mail your clothing to your delivery address when they are ready.

*Click here to bring to our attention any change in measurements & fit from your previous order. We will keep in touch with you on any clarification we may require.

Q2. Do I have to get re-measured every time I pick something out?

Not at all. Once we have your measurements in our records, re-orders are easy. If you want something new, all you have to do is visit our ‘Online Shop’ here to customise and checkout.

Q3. What do I do if I am undecided & need an opinion before concluding my online order?

If you have ordered from us in the past, you can click here to get in touch with us. Indicate a preferred date and time for your ‘Personalised Virtual Appointment’ and we will arrange to chat with you on your new order requirements.


Q1. I would like to order several shirts and suits. How can you ensure a perfect fit?

Welcome! For first time customers, who would like to order several shirts and suits, please place an order for one shirt and one suit first. We will mail the clothing/s for you to try. Once you have received the clothing/s, inform us about the fit, and then proceed to the online shop to place more orders.

Q2. Is it possible for you to duplicate the fit of any of my favourite clothing presently in my wardrobe?

Absolutely. Just mail us your clothing/s with your order. We will be glad to incorporate any changes you might want and then return the clothing/s you sent, along with your new ‘Ehkay Corner Tailors’ custom made clothing.

*Depending on where you are, time taken for your clothing/s to reach us varies. Do assign a trackable shipping service. You will be responsible for paying your own mailing cost.

Q3. I’m a bit hesitant to order custom clothing online…I worry about the fit.

We are here to guide you. It’s as simple as sending us your best fitting clothing and a few pictures of you in them. If this option has built some confidence. Click here to get in touch with us to get started.

Q4. How do I measure myself ?

Click here to follow Measurement Guidelines. Once we have received your order, we will keep in touch on the accuracy of your dimensions.



Q1. What kind of fabrics do you use for your online orders ?

Quality fabrics only! Please refer to descriptions attached to each image on our “Online Shop’ here.

Q2. What should I know about the fabric/s that I have selected online?

All our fabrics are from reputable mills. We have both in-house fabric options as well as a majority of the world-renowned fabric brands.

In house fabrics start production immediately, while fabrics from mills to our production unit takes about a week to arrive.

*Despite procuring from reputable mills, certain fabrics have a natural tendency to shrink. Although we take the necessary steps of washing and drying before cutting the fabric, it is not completely possible to eliminate shrinkage.

Q3. Can i provide my own fabric for online orders?

We prefer not to. However, there are exceptions where we do. Get in touch here for us to discuss further.

*Note that we can only ensure that the finished product lives up to our standard of quality and fit if the fabric comes from one of our own mills.

Q4. I did attempt to place my order online, I however have a specific design with additional unique features/customization.

What should I do?

We will be happy to custom make clothing according to your preferred requirements. Your best fitting outfit in your wardrobe, a design from an online site or a photo picture is most welcome! As professional tailors, we are able to MTM (make to measure) any style or design to your preference. Contact us here

Q5. Can I use different fabrics?

Of course! You may choose any fabric we offer. We stock well over 5,000 choices of cloth and fabric, all of which comes with high thread counts for rich texture and feel. We have put up only a few sample swatches on our site. If you are unable to find the exact fabric that you are looking for, contact us here with the description or a photograph and we will find the perfect match for you.


Q1. What type of payment do you accept on the online shop?

We accept Credit Card payments – Visa, MasterCard and American Express on the online shop.

Q2. Can I change my online order after payment?

If you would like to amend your order, please notify us here. You will only be able to make modifications on your order. You will not be able to cancel your order after payment has been made.


Q1. Which countries do you ship to?

We offer worldwide shipping, and we use multiple reputable courier services like FedEx, DHL, Aramex, UPS etc. to ship overseas.

Q2. How much does it cost to mail overseas and in Singapore?

Click here to view Real-Time Shipping Rates – shows the cheapest, fastest and best value shipping options.

Q3. I am a returning customer and previously had my order mailed to me, I would like the same personalised service option as previously….

Sure, click here to get in touch with us and we will personalise your shipping as previously.

Q4. How can I change my online order shipping or billing address?

You may change your shipping or billing address under My Account. If you have an outstanding order please click here to update your delivery address.

*We do not mail to P.O. Box addresses as we require you to sign for the parcel when it arrives.

Q5. How long does it take to receive my online order?

You will receive your order in 3 to 5 weeks. We always try our best to deliver sooner. If you need your order sooner, click here to send in your request and we will do our best to get it to you in time.

Q6. Can you expedite my online order?

We prefer not to rush your made to measure orders.

We advise you plan ahead before ordering for a special event & to include additional time for last-minute adjustments if any.

Q7. Where can I track my online delivery?

You can track your online order here.

For any other shipping matters, click here.


Q1. What can I do if the shirt or suit I ordered online needs adjustments?

We offer complimentary adjustments for up to 7 days after your parcel was delivered. This means you have to inform us of any issues in the fit within 7 days of receipt of your parcel. Charges apply thereafter.

Contact us here. We will help you with the adjustment needed.

Q2. What is excluded from your alteration policy?

Excluded from our alteration policy:-

1) We have determined an acceptance level of +/-5% as the acceptable tolerance limit on any measurement. Eg. If the required shirt length is 27 inches then the acceptance range is between approximately 25.5 inches to 28.5 inches. There will be no alterations or remakes if the deviation is within the +/-5% boundary.

2) If there are any changes that are conflicting with previous alterations Eg. if you previously asked for an alteration to make the waist bigger, and now you’re asking to reverse that alteration. We may also exclude certain alterations if your body size has changed based on the measurements.

Q3. How long does it take for alterations?

Alteration is completed within one week.


The ‘Personal’ online order is made for you. There will be no exchanges nor returns.


Refunds on the basis of fit are considered a last resort, and will only be granted when efforts to alter and/or remake the clothing are unsuccessful.


Online promotions cannot be used in conjunction with other promotions.

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Ehkay Corner Tailors
Ehkay Corner Tailors
913 Google reviews
Chua Bi Guang
Chua Bi Guang
Have been my go-to tailor so far. Countless orders and all satisfied with the service and product. Will definitely come back for more.
Kesavan Loganathan
Kesavan Loganathan
Very experienced owner. Knows his stuff and offers good recommendations. Friendly, responsive, and great service. Will definitely consider getting my next suit here.
Ted Chen
Ted Chen
I would highly recommend Ehkay. Hina & her husband and sister are seasoned professionals; they make excellent recommendations & provide top-notch customer service. Definitely would come back to buy more suits.
Teva Gallet
Teva Gallet
2nd time here and never failed to impress me with professionalism and service. Dinesh the main man of the house super friendly and always giving the best recommendations for your suits and what colours would match accordingly. Coming from an ex hotelier I can confidently say this man knows how to treat his customers with respect and kindness. Thanks Dinesh and Ehkay Corner team! I'll be back!!
Nikos Kavalis
Nikos Kavalis
Not tried their suits but two shirts I had made to test them out were pretty poorly made.
Ee Chong Ong
Ee Chong Ong
Friendly and knowledgeable tailor. Understand my needs for an occasion. Go to tailor as always! Thanks Dinesh!
Bryant Oligo
Bryant Oligo
Swift and great service. Helped me the get the correct size and alterations even for just a rental tuxedo!
Ariff Muhammad
Ariff Muhammad
Very professional and friendly. A pleasant experience!
Vickram A
Vickram A
Made an appointment with Dinesh via his site. Really down to earth guy. He broke down the process of designing a blazer for me. Made it seem really simple. Lots of sample fabrics, lots of pictures. Gave me wonderful suggestions. Blazer was done a lot faster than I expected it to. Dinesh also added in a couple more features at no additional cost. The final product was absolutely perfect. If I could, I’d give Ehkay Corner Tailors 6 stars out of 5.
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